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Puntland legislator killed in Garowe
Bar Kulan
Monday, August 06, 2012

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A member of Puntland’s regional parliament has been killed in Garowe on Monday morning, reports say.

The MP Sheyba Sheikh Mohamoud was reportedly shot on the neck by two hooded gunmen outside a mosque in Garowe’s 1stAugust neighbourhood early this morning, shortly after conducting his morning prayer in the mosque.

The assailants whose identity and motive behind the killing still remain unknown fled the scene of the crime immediately.

Government troops who arrived at the scene of the crime conducted investigations in the incident in order to bring the perpetrators of the killing to justice.

Preparations for his burial are now underway in Garowe, where parliament suspended a motion on local elections act that was scheduled for today’s seating.
Source: Bar Kulan

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